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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no such thing as a 'weird' question where our products, or your child's imagination, is concerned so check out  our FAQ's below and if the answer to your question isn't there, don't hesitate to contact us. 

Q  Do you ship to America?

A  Yes we do. We ship all over the world however with changes in recent months connected to Covid, Brexit and postal price increases & industrial action (postal strikes), please check out our shipping policies and T&C's. Remember to also take into consideration your own countries custom charges and postal delays before placing your order.  

Q  I want to order 5 Santa letters for my children but I can only see only 2 personalisation boxes. What should I do? 

Not a problem.  Once we receive your order we will send you a link, via email, which will take you to our letter personalisation form. Just provide all the details of any outstanding letters on there and send it straight back to us. Just to let you know however, there is sufficient room in each of the boxes (500 characters each) to submit the details of 2 letters (so that will be 4 letters over the two boxes) if you wanted to send some over to us straight away. Please note you will have to fill in at least one custom box to be able to proceed with your order.

Q  I want to order the pink fairy gift set, but would prefer the silver star from the blue set, could I swap?

A  Not a problem. We are always happy to exchange items where possible, just get in touch at the time of placing your order as we won't be able to make changes once we have started wrapping and packing.

Q  We've just moved house and my daughter is scared nobody will like her at her new school. Anything you can do to help?

Might I suggest a letter from one of  our Friendship Fairies. They write to all children who have worries and concerns and are happy to address areas such as bullying, loss of a pet or loved one, fears and concerns. Of course they are equally happy to write and congratulate children on a job well done, or special achievement, or even if they just want a Fairy friend. Whatever the issue it is important that we get the facts right, so get in touch so we can have a chat and agree on the best way to address any concerns your daughter may have.    

Q  Can you write to all my children in one letter?

For our Santa letters yes, within reason, although the personalisation details of each child would be reduced. To include all the personal information we would normally include would make the letter several pages long and quickly lose the children's attention.  Sadly we wouldn't be able to do it for our Tooth Fairy & Birthday Fairy letters as they are very occasion specific. And if Grandma or Grandad are having a new set of false teeth, the Tooth Fairy would be happy to write to them too!

Q  Do you write Tooth Fairy letters for boys as my sons tooth is loose?

A  Yes we do. We are gender and age inclusive. Many of our letters are individually crafted so if there is something in particular you want included, or a specific pronoun you want used, we are happy to work with you, just get in touch.   

Q  My son is at that age where he is beginning to question if Santa is real. Help!

A  Always a sad day and all part of growing up unfortunately, but don't worry, we have a range of Santa letters that address that very issue and I am confident we can keep the magic alive, for just a little while longer. And when the time comes when he is absolutely 'sure' Santa doesn't exist, our letters will reassure him it is OK to ask questions and nothing bad will happen to him if he chooses not to believe. Although if it's any consolation, we regularly write letters to children of 12/13/14 yrs, who despite being adamant they no longer believe, still insist on having a letter from Santa at Christmas!

Q  My daughters 23 and I know she would be thrilled to receive a Santa letter. Is there an age limit to who you write for?

A  You will be pleased to hear we write letters to 'Believers' of all ages. From baby's 1st Christmas to a rather risqué letter for Grandma and as for Teenagers/Young Adults, well lets just say Santa always has 'fun' writing to them! 

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