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Simple. Colourful. Fun. Magical....And FREE Shipping!


Our A5 Santa letters include everything you would expect from a Special Letters letter, with enough personalisation to 'keep the magic alive, for just a little while longer.'  Each letter comes:-


⭐️Bound with ribbon

⭐️Sealed with wax

⭐️Choice of 7 letters

⭐️Personally addressed envelope bearing a North Pole seal

⭐️Personalised with name, siblings names (OR 2 friends) and names of up to 3 pets



If you would like a fully personalised 2/3 page letter (including details of friends, pets, family, school achievements & more) please check out our other Personalised Santa Letters.



Choose your letter from the drop down box: 

(Click on picture of each letter for letter wording, noting letter number)


Letter 1 (1st Christmas) - Letter 2  (Toddler)  Letters 3, 4, 5 (4 plus years) Letter 6 (For those beginning to question if Santa is real)  Letters 7  Santa's Dummy Collection Letter (See separate listing for Santa's Dummy Collection Gift Set)


Ordering multiple letters. If ordering multiple letters you will need to 'add to basket' each letter, (providing the personal details below for each child), before returning to this page to order your next letter. 


PERSONALISATION Please provide the following details for EACH letter ordered:-

1. Recipients full name AND address with postcode (for envelope)

2. Siblings names OR names of 2 friends

3. Pets (and types) of pets.



A5 Personalised Santa Letters

  • This item is personalised. Please ensure you provide the personalisation details requested in the box provided.

    Re Letter 7 (Santa's Dummy Collection Letter) Please note this letter is designed to be given on Christmas morning AFTER Santa has collected the dummy

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