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Did your child leave their Dummy For Santa This Christmas? Then we can continue the magic for just a little while longer with this  personalised Thank You letter.  After  returning  home on Christmas morning, fresh from delivering gifts to children around the world, Santa passed all the dummy's he'd collected into the safe hands of the North Pole Dummy Fairy who, after a quick clean and a sprinkle of Fairy Dust, hung them  onto the Dummy Tree in pine forest. And who are they for? Well the baby reindeers of course!   Your Santa's Dummy Collection Gift Set includes:


⭐️ Personalised Letter From Santa

⭐️ A Personalised 'Well Done' Certificate from the North Pole Dummy Fairy

⭐️ I Believe Door Hanger

⭐️ Dummy Receipt

⭐️ North Pole Charm

⭐️ Fairy Dust

⭐️ Red Velvet Pouch

⭐️ 5 x 'No Dummy Today' Stickers

⭐️ Chocolate coins/Candy Canes


Please Note: We will complete the receipt with the name and age provided in the personalisation below, and the date shown will be 24/12/2023



In the custom text box provided please let us know:

1.  Your child's full name (for certificate) and age (for receipt)

2.  First names of any siblings OR pets if no siblings


Santa's Dummy Collection Gift Set

  • This item is designed to either be given on CHRISTMAS MORNING  where it is  recommended it is placed wherever the dummy was left to be collected OR in the weeks following Christmas day as a general Thank You letter from Santa. 

    This gift set includes small parts that could be swallowed. Please use parental supervision at all times where young children are involved.

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