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Our 'Brush With Me' Gift Set is Tooth Fairy Approved! and has everything you need to help your littles ones on their way to brushing their teeth independently. With plenty of visual aids, some encouragement from the Tooth Fairy herself and a sprinkling of Fairy dust, this 10 piece gift set is guaranteed to add a touch of magic to the daily routine and includes:-


⭐️Personalised Tooth Fairy Letter (*Mummy & Daddy reference can be changed) 

⭐️Colourful Tooth Brush (Jordan soft bristle 3-5 yrs & 6-9 years)

⭐️2 Minute Sand Timer

⭐️My Brushing Chart

⭐️My Tooth Chart

⭐️Lets Brush Our Teeth Social Story

⭐️Fairy Bookmark/Door Hanger

⭐️Fairy Charm

⭐️Fairy Dust

⭐️Fairy Dust Pouch


Your Choices

Choose the colour of your set Pink OR Blue



Please provide the following information in the personalisation box provided:-


This gift set includes 2 personalised items (the fairy letter & certificate).

As well as the child recipients name, you can also change the parent/carer details reference in the letter from Mummy & Daddy, to whichever title is appropriate i.e. one parent, Mom, Papa, a named person etc.


Information required

1. Child recipients FULL name

2. Age (to send the correct age toothbrush)

3. Preferred Parent/Carer title i.e Mummy & Daddy, Papa, Auntie Jackie etc

Brush With Me, Tooth Fairy Gift Set

  • Personalisation: Please ensure you provide the child recipients Full Name AND Age for the personalised items in this gift set and to ensure we put the correct age toothbrush in the gift set

    Unless advised otherwise the Tooth Fairy Letter will include the reference to Mummy & Daddy. If you would like a different title used, please provide this in the personalisation box provided.

    Toothbrushes: The Toothbrushes used are Jordans Step 2 (3-5 yrs) & Step 3 (6-9 yrs) soft bristled brushes. Free from Bisphenol A (BPA) and Phthalates.  The ergonomic handle enables a good grip and the coloured bristles on each brush are there to help children use the right amount of toothpaste each time. A travel cap is also included to keep the brush hygenic when travelling. 

    The toothbrushes come in a variety of colours, which are chosen at random and as availability dictates. As a general rule girls will recieve pink or yellow, boys blue or green.  

    Sand Timers: Made of durable PVC with high quality borosilicate glass. Child friendly.  Non-toxic sand.

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