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Whether it be to congratulate a child on a job well done, an achievement, offer them encouragement, or simply reassure them on a worry or concern, Friendship Fairies are here to help and just love writing to children everywhere.


Including details of friends, pets, family, school achievements and more each letter comes:-


⭐️ Bound with ribbon

⭐️ Sealed with wax

⭐️ Bearing a Fairyshire Postmark

⭐️ Includes a FREE pouch of Fairy Dust!


Want to include a gift? Check out our other listing 'Friendship Fairy Letter WITH Gifts'




The more information we have the better the letter will be, so please provide as much of the below information as possible in the two CUSTOM TEXT boxes provided:-


1. Your child’s full name & address 

2. Age

3. Siblings first names

4. Names & types of pets


5. First names of 3 friends

6. Teacher/Nursery Teachers Name (if applicable)

7. Detail any recent achievements (i.e. learnt to read/ ride a bike etc)

8. Detail any specific areas of concern or encourgement i.e. scared of the dark, being bullied.


If you don't have all of this information at the time of placing your order, or if there is insufficient space in the boxes provided don't worry, you can provide it when we contact you shortly.


Friendship Fairy Letter

SKU: 0022
  • If not submitted when the order was placed, please return the personalisation details when requested asap and within 48hrs so as not to cause any unnecessary delays.


    To protect the ribbon and wax seal, letters are placed in a second envelope which will bear the Fairyshire postmark and will be personally addressed to the recipient. Rest assured we DO NOT put receipts or literature in products sent direct to children.


    Our Fairy Dust is made of glitter and should not be inhaled or consumed. Parental supervision of young children should be given at all times.


    If you have any special requests, or additional information you would like included in your letter, don't hesitate to let us know.

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