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Fuck The Fairy Dust Fairy Wish Bracelets....for the girl who doesn't need Fairy Dust to succeed in life! 


Whether it be for the hen party goody bag, a birthday party favour, your prosecco loving bestie, your horse mad sister, or your bath loving mum, our FTFD Wish Bracelets are the ideal gift for anyone and for every occasion.  Don't see your interest in the photos? You'd like slightly different Wording? You'd like to add a party date/personal message? Not a problem. We print all our own display cards, so just let us know the occasion, the hobby or the interest or and we'll do the rest. 


⭐️ Affixed to a 180gsm display card

⭐️ A choice of 6 charms

⭐️ Attached to a colourful elasticated thread

⭐️ Includes a FREE wooden fairy

⭐️ The display card can be personalised at NO EXTRA CHARGE


PLACING YOUR ORDER From the drop down boxes choose:-


1. Choose Your Quantity. You can order the bracelets singularly or in sets of 5, 10, 15, 20.. (Please note there are TWO quantity boxes. If you select 15 bracelets from the first quantity box and then select 2 (for example) from the second box, you will be ordering 2 lots of 15, so in effect 30 bracelets. Please leave the second quantity box at 1 unless you want to order multiple bracelets.)


2.Choose Your Fairy Charm (Moon Fairy, Star Fairy, Gift Holding Fairy, Wand, Star, Cocktail)



The display card comes in 3 sections The Header where you have your interest/ hobby ie Gin, Bathbomb, Horse etc. The Middle, which contains the line 'And watch this girl fly  etc' and the Poem at the bottom, which contains (our versions) of the familiar children's fairy wish bracelet poem. 


All of these sections can be altered / amended (within reason).


For the header: In the box provided please provide your interest/hobby. This is the word that will go at the top of the display card ie Gin/ Wool/ Cocktail/ Horse etc. You can choose one of the items in the photos shown, or choose your own.


Middle section: We will choose something connected to your chosen header, or feel free to choose your own.


Poem: We will amend the poem accordingly to fit in with your chosen theme / header. Where possible it will be sarcastic/ rude/ humourous..... Or you can choose your own! Either way we will confirm the wording with you.


Please Note: We do all our own printing so if you don't see what you would like, or would like some extra personalisation i.e. party date, personal message etc, just message us direct to discuss your requirements or let us know what you would like in the personalisation box provided. Rest assured, we will confirm all wording with you PRIOR to printing and despatch so keep an eye out for our email.







Fuck The Fairy Dust ~ Fairy Wish Bracelets (for Adults!)

  • Wording: We will amend the wording on the display card to suit your chosen hobby/interest. Please note, we are entirely flexible with the wording so please let us know if you want something specific. We will confirm all wordind with you before printing so please keep an eye out for our message. 


    The elasticated string will be left untied so you are able to adjust the length.


    The purpose of a Fairy Wish Bracelet is that eventually, the elasticate string will fray and break, so your wish will come true. How long this will take (days, weeks, months) will be dependant on how carefully the bracelet is looked after.



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